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Ladino Chorus of Beer Sheva
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1.- Shabat Shalom: CD with complete Kabalat Shabbat liturgy (33 songs) >see video clip<
2. Shalom Israel: The best known Israeli songs of all time. >see video clip<
3. Shalom Latin America: Latin American Spanish and Hebrew Songs >see video clip<
4. Passover: With the most representative melodies of the holiday.
5. Boleros from Soul: a large selection of all time together with 5 invited cantors. >see video clip<
6. Shalom Yeladim!!! Recorded his 6th CD with children's music for Shabbat,
with the Chazan Ariel Foigel, of the Synagogue from the Israelite Circle of Santiago. Chile >see video clip<

December 2016 in Israel:
It is accredited by the Ministry of Alia and Absorption. Receives award as an artist of excellence by Israel Music Center in Jerusalem.

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2007 al 2014: He worked as a keyboardist in the community of Beit Emunah in Santiago of Chile, responsible for the music composition and musical production of all liturgical events.

EDUCATION: Hebrew School Dr. Jaim Weitzman of Viña del Mar, Chile
ADDITIONAL TRAINING: Bachelor of Design Valparaiso University, Chile

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